Tips to remove paint in clothes

Our personality will be decided by how you are and what you are, in case you are going for a party that time suddenly some accident may occur on your clothes. This is the most embarrassing moment in your life and you can’t enjoy the party and we can’t predict the accident also. So we have to take some home remedies for how to get paint out of clothes. Act as fast as possible then only you can easily remove paint out of clothes or else it may stuck in your clothes. Oil based and water based these are two kind of paint stains, oil based paint we can easily remove because it won’t dry but waterbased is the toughest one. First and foremost thing we have to check which kind of stains, then only you have to take right remedy for this. Don’t do all the possible remedy on your clothes because it may affect on your clothes so do appropriate method on your clothes. In water based method, if the paint is still wet means apply cold or lukewarm water on the stains surface until it gets disappears

If the paint is dried means we have to use some cleaning agent like rubbing alcohol, it may really helpful to remove the paint out of clothes. Do the same step again and until the paint gets disappears and don’t use more amount of cleaning agent on your clothes. In case above both methods are failed means use dishwashing soap as alternatives, mix the soap with water and rub the paint surface. These methods are really helpful for how to get paint out of clothes but one thing we have remember act as fast as fast.

In case if it is an oil based paint means first wash the affected area and use the oil solvent, oil solvent easily remove the oil paint from the clothes. Let it be dry for an hour and wash it with a cold water,do the same step again and again until the stain disappears. Another method to remove oil from clothes was turpentine but we have to very careful on turpentine because it fade the color of the clothes. Just rub the turpentine on the clothes it will slowly peel of the oil from the clothes after that wash the cloth with cold water. Both the method if we use cold water means it will really helpful for your clothes so try to avoid hot water. If you are having paint thinner means it’s really helpful to remove paint out of clothes, so first priority give it to paint thinner.

If you are doing scrubbing means don’t do it harshly because your cloth may tear and purpose of the method also may fail so do it in a slow manner. If we use any detergent to remove paint means be careful on this, because some of the detergent may allergy on your skin so follow the safety precautions. For a safety purpose check the level of the chemical be used in a detergent it will prevent your skin in allergy.


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