Learn how to remove paint from your clothing- A simple guide for you

If you have children in your home and get paint on their clothes, you could definitely find the best ways to remove them out of the clothes. Normally, the paint on clothing does not remove easily with a handy wash; rather you put some effort and use some solutions to remove them completely. If you want to know how to get paint out of clothes, there are many possible ways available today, that helps you to remove the paint completely as easy and quickly as possible.
First of all, you start to remove the paint with fundamental principle. Once your child cloth gets dirt with paint, make sure to wash or wet immediately and do not let them dry, because it is very harder and difficult to remove. The main thing is always choosing the simple method to clean your child’s cloth and do not try out the aggressive method at an initial stage. This harder method can remove the paint, but it may cause damage and remove the fabric on your clothes and cannot be used longer.

When it comes to washing the painting clothes, there are so many household items available to remove the paint as easy as possible that includes,
• You can use the hair spray and spread it on your pain area of the clothes. Let them sit for about five minutes and throw your clothes in a washing machine to wash it normally.
• If you have a dull or butter knife in your home, let you use them to scrape the paint out from clothing. But this option is not sure to remove off paint 100%, but it may lessen the color.
• Another great method is creating own pain cleaning solution by yourself. Initially, you can take one tablespoon of liquid hand sanitizer and add one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol on it.
• Let’s combine the above solution and place them on a painting area with the small clean cotton cloth. You can place them soak for a few seconds that will soften the paint. After several seconds, you can use the soaked cloth to rub out the fabric paint.
• The best alternative solution to soften the pain on cloth is using the paint thinner. After applying this thinner on your cloth, let you soak a cloth in warm water. If it is latex based paint, you can follow this method.

• If the paint on cloth is oil based, you can splotch the affected area with chill water before applying paint thinner. After that, you should rinse the clothes using cool water. When you follow these procedures, make sure you do not let the paint to be dry before completing the whole procedure.
• The acetone is another great option to remove the paint from clothes. You just apply acetone on the affected area and then remove off.

Moreover, there are numerous ways available for removing paint on your clothes. All you need to do is to understand how to get paint out of clothes and then follow the right procedure to obtain the best cleaning results.


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